“I was very happy with the service I received. I was pleasantly surprised when the orthosis was fitted and made in front of me on my first visit. After three visits, I am relieved that I possibly won’t need surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.”

“We were delighted with the service from Thuy. Very professional and careful explanations of the injury and how she would build the splint and how to look after it.” Debbie and Matt

“I am very impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, care and interest. Veronica Milne is outstanding in every way.”

“I’m very pleased with the service i received, i felt like the therapist really cared and took an interest in my recovery”. Katherine

“Happy – friendly and knowledgeable staff”

“Service has been good. Communication and ease of exercises / rehab good, as well as customer service in scheduling appointments.”

“Very professional and easy to follow instructions”

“Professional and courteous. Extremely helpful and reassuring.”

“Excellent, friendly, personal service”

“A professional and caring service”

“I feel the service was excellent”

“Thuy provided great service and had a great attitude towards her work. This made me feel comfortable walking into the clinic for each time I attended my appointment. Overall, it was a pleasant experience!” Gemma S.

“Professional, informative, caring – combined with practical information and help has made this a positive experience.”

“Found Sath to be very professional, pleasant and kind”

“Very happy with the service, level of information and availability provided.”

“I found my therapist to be very knowledgeable and posses a high level of competency to make a hand cast for me while i was waiting and explaining my injury. This helped with alleviating not only my pain but also speed up my rehab from just the one visit.” Rob

“Practical exercises & help for the hand problem – realistic expectations given home circumstances.”

“Service was great. Feel confident that my injury was treated the best it could be.”

“Very professional and friendly. Not talked down to, easy to understand explanations and exercises. Time taken.”

“Very Professional Service. The Therapist was very kind and caring and understanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending this Company. My elbow area is feeling much better and I have no ongoing continual pain, which has been a great relief!”

“I have been very happy with the personal service that I have received from Handworks. Thanks.” Karen Shea.

“Really great treatment from my first appointment to last, I was given everything i needed to get better and the staff were so friendly and caring!” Amanda Meney

“My therapist (Alison) was friendly and put me at ease and was very knowledgeable”

“I was very happy with the service and learnt a lot about my injury. It was overall a good experience.”

“Very good and forwarding thinking (as in my future with injury).”

“Made me feel I was in good hands and reassured about the prognosis. Hospitals don’t always have time to spend talking and each time you see a different doctor, so it is good to see the same therapist at Handworks each time, so you can discuss your progress.” Marie

“I suffered from a strain injury to my hand as a result of rowing. The injury prevented me from rowing without pain. Thuy (the hand therapist) made me a personalised thumb splint that i now use when i row. I have been pain free during and after each rowing session since i have used the splint. Thanks Thuy for your help. Will recommend you definitely to others.” Taj

“Very happy with the service. I came straight from my surgeon and called in to make an appointment and happily was able to get treated immediately.”

“The service has been very good and the brace that was made to suit my injury worked well. I am very happy with the progress I have achieved from the therapist and home exercises I have been given.”

“Great Work by Sath. Knows his job very well and gave me all the info I needed” – Paul Canham

“The hand splints made by therapist for my injury were excellent. I also appreciated the extra effort in making the Velcro buddy straps for the damaged fingers” – Peter

“I am really pleased as I know there are more things I can do other than medication. As I thought that was my only option and now I know there is improvement with measurements etc” – Fiona


“Very professional. Friendly and convenient!” – Kelsey

“Happy” – Di

“Very happy with service – very professional, excellent explanations etc…”  – Hillary

“The service I have received has been brilliant and has been responsible for my amazing recovery. I am very pleased” – Helen

“My injury was minor and apparently old. The injury was fully explained and while healing was only a matter of time, suggestions and aids were provided to assist in this. A follow up call was made a month after my last visit to see how things were going. Something greatly appreciated” – Lesley

“It was great to feel important. They took their time with me and I was not rushed in and out. Thank you for your care.” – Gayle

“Great, friendly, personal service” – Mark