Return to Work Recommendation

Hand Works service many patients who have sustained work related injuries, and are progressing through the workers compensation system. A large part of their rehabilitation is their gradual return to work programs.

Work site assessments
As Occupational Therapists, we are skilled to assess and provide ergonomic recommendations due to our background of task analysis and anatomical knowledge. We will include return to work recommendations in our initial and progress reports. Therapists at Hand Works can be available to undertake work site assessments for workers who have sustained hand or upper limb injuries (whether in an office or at an industrial site), and are in the unique situation of assessing the worker’s physical capabilities, as well as having a depth of knowledge of their upper limb injury or disability. We can assess the ergonomics of a workstation and recommend changes to enhance the injured workers return to work (e.g. vertical mouse, keyboard alterations, postural considerations, or tool usage recommendations).

We are able to assess the patients’ improvements at every treatment session and adjust their return to work recommendations as appropriate. We will work with doctors and vocational rehabilitation providers to support the worker during their return to work in a suitable role including appropriate hours/tasks. As much as possible, we will tailor our exercise regime to mirror the work tasks that are required of the injured worker. Our work recommendations will take into consideration the injury, anatomy, and psychosocial situation of the worker.