Joint Deformities / Contractures

What is a joint contracture?
A joint contracture is a chronic reduction in joint movement due to changes in ligament, muscle or tendon.

What are common causes of contractures?
Contractures may result from extended periods of immobilisation, nerve injuries, neurological conditions, or poorly managed scars over the palm of the hand.

When to refer for treatment of a contracture?
The time to refer for treatment of a contracture can vary from person to person. It will be dependent upon how the person’s contracture is impacting on their function, or the rate of progression of their contracture.

If the person has surgery to correct a contracture, referral as soon as possible is best, to optimise tissue remodelling and avoid any negative impacts of scar tissue over joints. Treatment early after a traumatic or sporting injury is also recommended to ensure that contracture does not develop unnecessarily.

Treatment options
There is an array of treatment options for joint contractures ranging from stretches to the use of customised fabricated splints. At Hand Works Occupational Therapy, we are able to provide you with a plethora of treatment modalities, education and assessments to treat your joint contractures. If you would like to find out more about our rehabilitation process for joint contractures, please contact us on 1300 887 798