What is InterX Therapy?
InterX Therapy is the targeted application of Interactive Neurostimulation to manage and relieve the symptoms of pain and injury. The procedure involves applying a hand held device directly to the skin over the injured or painful area. The sensation from the device resembles a tingling or vibrating sensation and is tailored to individual needs.

InterX is different to TENS as the stimulation has an interactive nature guided by the machine’s ability to sense changes in the tissues being treated. The benefits may be experienced long term. Due to the machine’s ability to constantly adjust the waveform, there is much lower chance of the effectiveness of treatment decreasing over time as with TENS.

Benefits of InterX Therapy includes:
o   Non-drug pain relief
o   Comfortable
o   Non-invasive application…no messy gel or stick on electrodes.
o   Easily combined with other therapies.
o   For some patients a home InterX unit can be arranged for treatment between clinic visits.
o   Can help with pain, swelling, bruising, muscle tightness and joint stiffness from chronic and acute conditions e.g. sports injuries, tendon injuries and conditions (eg overuse), nerve injuries and conditions, arthritis , fractures, complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

InterX Therapy is safe when used by a trained professional. The equipment carries the European CE mark and is 510(k) cleared by the US FDA and Australian TGA as a pain management device.

The staff at Hand Works Occupational Therapy are trained in using InterX as a treatment modality and are happy to provide you with further information if you wish to know more about the device. Treatment sessions usually last 30 mins to 1 hr.

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