Activity Modification and Work Simplification

The team of Occupational Therapists at Hand Works have specialised knowledge and skills to help restore function after an injury, surgery or the onset of a disabling condition. Intervention has a particular emphasis on providing education and modifications related to specific tasks and the environment. The ultimate goal of this is to enable maximal functional performance in daily activities, i.e. to enable people to do the things they want and need to do despite their injury or condition.

The therapists at Hand Works are well equipped in evaluating how one interacts with his or her environment, and the manner in which they perform particular tasks. This is all viewed with a thorough understanding of anatomy, pathology, biomechanics and the physical and psychosocial demands that daily activities place on the body.

Education and recommendations on activity modification and work simplification are tailored to the individual, and can significantly vary depending on individual, occupational and environmental factors. To find out the right activity modifications and recommendations, please contact us for a consultation.