Upcoming pilot trial – April 2016

Thuy (“Twee”) Tran, Hand Works Research Coordinator and PhD candidate, is currently collating a standardised evidence-based assessment and treatment protocol for injured workers with Lateral Epicondylalgia. She is working closely with her colleagues and professors from Curtin University, to develop a pilot trial which aims to commence in April 2016. The aim of the study is [Read more…]

Lateral Epicondylalgia PhD Study Update….also a chance to win an iPad Mini!

Thuy (“Twee”) Tran, Staff Therapist and Research Coordinator is conducting research on Lateral Epicondylalgia (LE).  She and her colleagues are interested to investigate the impact of adding in a workplace-based hand therapy intervention to the usual clinic-based approach on the return to work outcomes of injured workers with this common upper limb condition. The first [Read more…]

Update and Summary on Phd Study

Thuy (“Twee”) Tran, Hand Works research co-ordinator has recently received official candidacy approval from Curtin University for her postgraduate PhD study proposal titled: “The impact of workplace-based hand therapy intervention on the return to work outcomes of injured workers with Lateral Epicondylalgia” . Thuy has liaised with and presented to numerous medical practitioners and hand therapists over the [Read more…]

Research Coordinator Position

We would like to announce that Hand Works Occupational Therapy has recently created the new position of Research Coordinator. The need for this role has emerged through our developing relationship with the School of Occupational Therapy at Curtin University with their Honours Program and increased in clinical awareness and interest amongst staffs, we have recently created a new position of [Read more…]

PhD: Lateral Epicondylitis Study

Hand Works therapist Thuy (“Twee”) Tran is in the process of applying to commence her Doctor of Philosophy degree in the area of hand therapy. She aims to study part-time, whilst maintaining a clinical caseload in 2014. The research will investigate if education in functional biomechanics is an effective treatment in the outcome of patients [Read more…]