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Strategies to combat wrist pain for new mums

By adopting some simple strategies early, symptoms can be reduced for new mothers who experience wrist pain after the birth of their baby. DeQuervains Tenosynovitis is a common hand condition that causes pain at the base of the thumb and into the wrist. It can be classified as a repetitive strain injury due to increased repetition in lifting and prolonged awkward [Read more…]

Digital Nerve Study

Post-operative splinting of isolated digital nerve repairs is a contentious issue. Although suture repair techniques have advanced significantly in the past several decades, orthosis design and the use of a restricted mobilisation protocol have remained fairly consistent. Hand Works OT in conjunction with Curtin University Honours students are involved with a proposed case-control study that [Read more…]

Gale-Force Rehab!

On the 1st August 2014 Kevin Gale was rushed to RPH via helicopter and had a mid-forearm subtotal replant to his right arm in a 9 hour surgery following an incident involving a ‘superaxe’ machinery at his self-employed workplace in Kojanup. The   involved structures in his injury include: ORIF to the distal radius and ulna, [Read more…]